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Spring 2023!

We will look at the basics of music literacy (rhythm, pitch etc) so that we have a common language to discuss elements of the music we listen to in the course. And we will discuss musical elements that allow you to listen to music in a more

And then we can explore different eras of music from 1600 to the present; the styles and genres and the cultural context in which they grew and the composers who pushed the timeline forward.

And we’ll actively listen to audio examples to illustrate key concepts, or in-class performances of examples by yours truly on the piano.

Classes will be limited to a maximum of 6 people due to space, so it will be an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere with snacks and beverages provided as well!

Here is a brief outline of our 6-week course:

Week One: Music Fundamentals and Active Listening

Week Two: The Baroque Era: 1600 – 1750

Week Three: The Classical Era: 1750 – 1825

Week Four: The Romantic Era: 1825 – 1900

Week Five: The Modern Era – 1900 – present

Week Six: Open discussion and performances of various pieces from these eras.

If you are interested, please fill out this quick info/registration form – you’ll be asked to provide name and email, and then to choose a time slot that would work for you. We will run the program as soon as we have a minimum of 4 students registered.

TINY TUNES – Ages 3 – 5

Next session: Spring 2023

Introduce your toddlers to music in this fun 3 or 4 week session where they will explore different instruments, create music-themed crafts, sing along with fun songs and learn about basic rhythm, music notes and more!

Rhythm and tempo for tots
Basic music shapes and names
Music-themed matching games
Instruments (bells, triangles, shakers and more!)
Sing-alongs with Jennifer
Music-themed art projects
Movement and music exercises
Recognizing and naming sounds


Coming soon!

Come out with the kids and make some fun, music-themed crafts, or build homemade instruments…a different activity or two every week! Please email to register!

Cost is $10. All materials are supplied and you can take home your masterpieces when it’s all done! 😁